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Advanced Driving Lessons In South Ockendon

Ready to take your driving skills to the next level? At Wheels 2 Drive in South Ockendon, we offer Pass Plus lessons to help newly trained drivers build confidence and master advanced driving techniques. Did you know that newly licensed drivers are more prone to accidents within their first two years on the road? Our Pass Plus course aims to combat this by equipping you with the skills to navigate any road and weather condition safely, even as a beginner. Enrolling in Pass Plus lessons offers numerous benefits, including increased confidence, reduced accident risk, and potential savings on insurance premiums. Our comprehensive course covers highway code basics, parking manoeuvres, road signs, and more. Don't let uncertainty hold you back - contact us today to sign up for Pass Plus lessons and become a safer, more confident driver!

Pass Plus Driving Lessons Include:

  • Motorway Driving

  • Driving On Both Country Roads And Rural Roads

  • Town Driving

  • Night Driving

  • Driving On Dual Carriageways

At Wheels 2 Drive, we provide intensive driving lessons tailored to help you swiftly pass your driving tests. Get in touch with us to discover how we can support you in achieving your driving goals efficiently.

Refresher Driving Lessons

Smiling young woman sitting in a car with her thumb up, showing approval or signaling success

At Wheels 2 Drive, we offer refresher driving lessons specifically crafted to assist and empower drivers in various situations. Whether you're looking to return to driving after a hiatus of several years or have recently passed your driving test but haven't had the chance to drive since, our refresher courses are designed to meet your needs. Our experienced instructors are dedicated to helping you improve your driving skills and learn new techniques aimed at reducing motoring costs. 


We understand that confidence behind the wheel is paramount, especially after a road traffic incident, which is why we focus on building your confidence and competence on the road. Whatever your reason for seeking refresher driving lessons, we're here to support you every step of the way. 


With a personalised approach tailored to your individual requirements and goals, we'll work together to enhance your driving abilities and ensure you feel safe and secure behind the wheel. Contact us today to schedule your refresher driving lessons and embark on the journey towards becoming a more confident and skilled driver. At Wheels 2 Drive, we're committed to helping you refresh your driving skills and navigate the road with confidence and ease.

Want To Become An Expert Driver? Call 07841 529345 To Learn More About Our Advanced Driving Programme.

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